Green Plastic/Recycled Plastic Manufacturing

Various Green Plastic Solutions/Recycled Plastic Manufacturing

Green Value offers you flexible green plastic solutions, from material development, product design, and manufacturing to single or integrated services. Depending on your functional and aesthetic requirements and the technology used in the manufacturing process, we will select the most appropriate material and process for you. Not only can we meet your costs, but we can also speed up the delivery time so that you can face the market changes more quickly with our strong capabilities. Our products can be divided into recycled plastic and bioplastic. Please contact with us for more information.

Recycled Plastic Manufacturing Actual Cases

In 2020, the epidemic led to a mass of surgical mask waste, which has caused severe environmental pollution. Our customer initiated a “Recycling for surgical masks” and took the lead to participate in the recycling.
After discussing with the customer, we provide the relevant granulation assistance and additive consultation. Through cleaning and modification, the waste had turned into PCR materials. The customer then processed our PCR material by high-temperature and high-pressure injection. Eventually, our recycling work turned the waste into USB charging boards for daily use.

Recycled Plastic Manufacturing FAQ

Why do we use green plastics/ sustainable plastics/ recycled plastics?

As we enter the 21st century, the greenhouse gas effect forced international organizations being aware of reducing carbon emissions. Plastic products are one of the main greenhouse gas-generating industries. Therefore, choosing relevant environmentally friendly materials became important.(…Read more)

How do you categorize plastic recycling?

There are two categories of plastic recycling: post-consumer recycling (PCR) and post-industry recycling (PIR). The so-called “green product” by factories are mostly PCRs. The main reason is that after consumers discard PCR products, additional processes such as collection, transportation, and material separation must be carried out before recycling. (…Read more)

My product is for medical/food use, so I don't want to use recycled plastics. Are there other green plastics?

Polylactic acid can be one of the answers. PLA is a polymer made from plant-derived lactic acid through a chemical polymerization reaction. Because of its biodegradable property, PLA is regarded as an essential raw material in the green plastic supply chain. (… Read more)

Please contact us ASAP if you have any plastic rubber requirements, whether it is raw materials, semi-finished products or development parts, we will help you get a satisfactory response.