Recycled PLA plastic injection molding

PLA, or polylactic acid, is a polymer made from plant-derived lactic acid through a chemical polymerization reaction. Because of its biodegradable property, PLA is regarded as an essential raw material in the green plastic supply chain. In recent years, due to the global restrictions on plastic products, PLA has been increasingly used year by year. For example, in Taiwan, PLA plastic products have been widely used in our daily life. In order to comply with the EPA policy, all the transparent egg carton packaging has been made from PLA. PLA is also used in the coffee cups of various coffee chains in Taiwan, including Starbucks, convenience stores, 85℃, Mr. Brown, and Mossberg. According to Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Agency statistics, Taiwan uses about 3,000 tons of PLA plastic products a year. If the PLA plastic can be recycled and composted, it can effectively reduce the amount of waste disposed of in the incinerator.

Since the plastic recycling and post-processing system is well established in Taiwan, some Taiwanese companies have tried to recycle PLA plastic products in the past few years. The recycled PLA is washed and decolored to form clean fragments. Through the subsequent toughening and dying process, the impact resistance of the recycled PLA can be controlled at 35~40J/m. We have used the recycled and dyed PLA pellets in various stationery and injection molding already.

PLA remanufactured plastic products are now booming in the market. If you have a good product design, please feel free to contact us for production. Green Value can also customize molds according to your needs. With the recycled materials, we can create a different topic for your products. Let’s extend the lifecycle of PLA biodegradable material and achieve a real resource recycling society.

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