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Green Value specializes in all kinds of plastic and rubber requirements. Through three major advantages as material specialty, industrial design, and professional manufacturing, Green Value provides you with comprehensive product development so as to make you, who value quality first, flexibly face the emerging requirements of the market.

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Consulting Process

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  • Solution Design

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  • Mold Opening Trial Production

  • Official Mass Production

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Actual Cases

Nowadays, most of the disposable tableware is made of thermoplastic polymer. It looks simple but needs much domain knowledge to well manufactured. Traditional injection factory uses fossil-based polymer like polypropylene (PP) or polystyrene (PS) which are not bio-degradable material. However, with the rise of consumer awareness in recent years, brand companies and superstores focus on green product sales. Simultaneously, global governments use green plastics like PLA due to their sustainable development. As a pioneer in this field for years, Green Value has unique heat resistance PLA as a biodegradable polymer and could help you implement green material in your unique product.

On the other hand, as for functional design, some flatware were made in two functions. For instance, a combination of spoon and fork on both ends in one. If you want to develop a unique product of tableware belong to you, you can prepare concrete samples、AutoCAD、photos or specific thought. Green Value provides you a total solution that contains initial material choice, mold design, trial run till mass production. The production line can be set quickly and get you good quality products according to your customized demand. Choose Green Value, and create your value.

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