Why do we need to reduce carbon emissions?

CO2 neutral

Why do we need to reduce carbon emissions?

Carbon Reduction Strategies – Sustainable Plastics and Recycled Plastics (PIR & PCR)

As we enter the 21st century, the greenhouse gas effect has triggered a variety of extreme global climate occurrences, making it impossible for countries worldwide to ignore carbon reduction in their national plans. For this reason, international organizations have proposed Net Zero and Carbon Neutral in hopes of solving the phenomenon of global warming. Mainly through the carbon footprint of certified units to calculate the amount of carbon dioxide produced in the production process of products, corresponding carbon reduction strategies, or carbon offset, so that the carbon emissions in the atmosphere maintain the status quo.

The petrochemical industry is one of the main greenhouse gas-generating industries, and plastic is one of its main products. Therefore, to reduce the carbon footprint of products, the production process can be divided into several points.

  1. improving production efficiency;
  2. using renewable energy;
  3. using certified low-carbon materials, such as sustainable plastics or recycled plastics (PIR plastics and PCR plastics)

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To help our customers achieve their carbon reduction goals effectively, Green Value offers a wide range of low-carbon materials, including sustainable plastics, PIR plastics, and PCR plastics. Green Value also customized various suggestions for customers’ different needs, such as packaging materials or souvenirs. From raw material to process carbon emissing, let Green Value help you do your part for the earth.

Note: International organizations have suggested two possible directions to solve the phenomenon of global warming. These include Net Zero and Carbon Neutral. Net Zero has a broader framework, hoping that companies focus on the production process. In other words, calculate the greenhouse gas inventory and set carbon reduction strategies corresponding to the results. Such as using renewable energy, reforestation, carbon dioxide emissions sequestration or reuse, etc… The scope of concern for Carbon Neutral is much limited. Mainly on the amount of carbon dioxide generated in the manufacturing process. Green Value are currently working on Carbon Neutral, replacing raw materials into lower carbon sustainable plastics and recycled plastics (PIR plastics and PCR plastics) that also reduce carbon emissions.

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