TPU Bushings

Bushings are currently mostly made of rubber or PU. They are generally installed in the car suspension or steering system for absorbing road bumps, control ball head vibration, and reduce noise. In other words, to provide a superior road feel. Considering its easy installation as well as excellent performance, most European and American retailers choose PU bushing as their main product.

However, PU bushings are often criticized for the suspension system squeak noise. Even re-greasing can only ease it for a while. Given this, as a professional material manufacturer, Green Value chooses appropriate TPU material and suitable production equipment according to the customer’s physical properties. TPU material has better elasticity and more precise hardness. As a result, the product can achieve a balance of flexibility and durability according to the application field. And the best of all, no squeaking noise.

Despite physical properties, our manufacturing process is also different. Green Value’s TPU bushings are injection molded with higher production efficiency and shorter lead times than those die casting parts. Both the dimension and quality can have better control. It would also be a more affordable option for an everlasting demand. If you have a long-term application, you may also consider our products.

Finally, as mentioned in the previous article, considering the awareness of green issues these days, many companies are choosing materials that are more sustainable with the environment. Among these materials, most rubber or thermoset PU are disposable and can be formed once only. In this case, it is difficult to recycle them. On the other hand, TPU is thermoplastic and can be recycled and reused after deposit, which also makes it more environmentally friendly.

For all these advantages, Green Value not only has years of experience in TPU material production but also has a series of bushing products for your options. If you are interested in our products, a trial order is always welcomed. You may cooperate with us later for other development if you are satisfied. Of course, considering if you have to custom request on rubber and PU, Green Value can help you as well.


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